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<em>Krisada Eaton</em>

Krisada Eaton

Just Me ...a mild mannered Sr. SEO Specialist living in St. Augustine Beach and working all over Florida.
What is SEO? Why does Your local Florida business need a Search Engine Marketing expert?

You need an expert SEO marketing professional for the same reason you would use any professional, doctor, lawyer, mechanic, or contractor -- to get things done efficiently. Think about it. You might fix your own car or let a buddy that's more experienced save you some money and fix it for you. But if you're the driver on a professional racing team then you have professional mechanics, the best professional mechanics you can afford. Websites are no different. There are all types of businesses online trying to get leads, fill enrollments, sell events and convert shopping cart visitors into sales. Some are casual hobbyist and some are high level businesses that need an expert to compete in their industry. That's where I can help. Actually, I can pretty much help anyone that wants to make money online. But there are only a handful of businesses that will be able to afford the effort it takes to overtake their competition. Remember, your competitors are doing the same thing if not more and there are more competitiors every day. I am not a good fit for some businesses. You will have to be in it for the long haul. SEO Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint and the rewards can be huge.

This is how to find out if I can be effective for your business. . 


What makes me a Florida SEO Expert Specialist?

My 15 years of search engine marketing experience spans a lot of different industries and includes years of overlapping graphic design and traditional print marketing careers. I don't like using the word "Expert" but as I talk to people about what I do, I find that all those years has given me a legit claim of some kind of expertise within the profession of internet marketing.

Experience separates an SEO Specialist from someone that "knows SEO"

Everybody and their cousin's cat will tell you they know how search engine optimization works. This knowledge is largely derived from what they've heard or read online. And legitimately, I've become and overnight "Expert" in several fields via YouTube and a crazy Russian tutorial too, lol. But that doesn't mean I can actually make a living at whatever instant skill I just learned. There's a world of knowledge and experience missing with that kind of shotgun education. And that's what's missing with most people I see claiming to "know SEO". They know the theory and catch phrases but they don't actually compete online. They can't show results directly related to their efforts.

Claims of SEO Expertise aren't limited to instant amateurs either. I personally know SEO Consultants at Internet Ad Agencies that have made a lot of money talking about or selling SEO services on a very high level, who have never done a single implementation. You know, the work that actually moves a keyword ranking. Point being, they don't really know how Google finds your website someone else does the actual SEO optimizations, a specialist somewhere in their organization does the heavy lifting for them. That's the person that knows how Google gets there and why. I know this because that was my role in a few SEO Companies and Internet Marketing Ad Agencies....and you'd be surprised how many of those big ad agencies with big fees are really outsourcing their SEO work overseas and have no idea what is being done with your account. True life.

Anyway, this isn't anything new or earth shattering, most businesses are structured the same way. People that "know SEO" are like talking to the salesman as opposed to the "SEO Specialist" or mechanic that actually fixes your website. A specialist is the SEO guru geek guy (that's so me!...the geek part) with the expertise to make judgement about what should be done and how to execute those changes effectively and why they work with the rest of the marketing strategy. A truly experienced SEO Specialist will SHOW YOU top rankings and be able to explain why they've been successful over the years.

 That's the SEO Expert you want to hire!

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