Florida SEO Specialist
I started formally learning SEO at TopSite and Percentage Marketing as a web designer in Orlando about 12 years ago.
What is SEO? Why does Your local Florida businesse need a Search Engine Marketing expert?

Honestly, even I need SEO for my websites. I went several years living on referal business based on my reputation as a Sr. SEO in Orlando. I generated leads and conversions from my SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZED lead generation websites. But about a year ago one of my main servers was hacked and I lost valuable websites and assets that have been difficult to recooperate from, even for me.

Most everyone that has a business website and has tried to get more visitors will know something about search engines and especially Google. A SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist is expertly in tuned with all the aspects that affect your website's placement or ranking in Google's search results.
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SEO Specialist
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These are the friends, family and businesses that support my artwork , SEO Marketing work and my life as an artist and online marketing professional in Florida. I'd like to thank them for their contributions and continued support with recognition for their loyalty with our most sincere gratitude. Please visit their business listings in our Patron's Directory.
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