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SEO Marketing & Promotions on Anastasia Island

I'm going on my 3rd year of Search Enging Marketing in Saint Augusitne Beach and I've learned a lot about local SEO here. One....there's a very high level of competition for restaurant and bar advertising. There's also an unusually dense population of Bed & Breakfast places here. The historic tourism and romantic charm of Saint Augustine draws in tourism almost all year long. With both a historic downtown with it's old city ageless venues and a separate beach life on Anastasia Island, there is a lot to talk about and promote in this area. Aside from the eating and drinking and beach going, there is of course all the natural watersports you would assume are part of St. Auggie beach attractions. That's mostly where I've spent my professional time marketing, is on the beach end with watersports and activities. 

  • Restaurants & Catering - As I mentioned, with such a long history of tourism and attractions this charming area has supported a great many unique bars and restaurants. A lot of great food can be found here. Thus the competition is very high for the amount of online traffic for those venues. So many places have established old domains and have huge followings over the years. Fortunately I've had some success at getting a foothold in the restaurant and catering categories in St. Augustine Beach with Cafe Eleven, which coincedentally is one of the main reasons I moved to St. Augustine Beach. 

  • Kitboards & Paddle Boards - I've learned a bit about Kites Surfing and Paddleboarding through my friends at Ocean Extreme Sports. I'm still new to both but I have taken the plunge lol.

  • Scuba Diving & Snorkeling - I have not done any actually diving, but I did take on the initial local SEO marketing for iDiveScuba.com which did not make it past hurricane Matthew before changing ownership. Still being one of the local Saint Augustine businesses, I will continue to support them however I can.