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St. AugustineRSS

It's funny how I used to think it was strange that my friends living on Anastasia Island talked about never leaving "the island" to do anything like go to Wal-Mart. But now I get it. Life is simple and sweet if you never have to leave the island, just as it should be. There are however, a lot of businesses and marketing to be done off the island so I have explored a bit, lol....and will likely be involved with more marketing projects in and around the Saint Augustine area. Here are some that I have had some marketing business with...

  • Beach & Indoor Volleyball - I did a few months working with a national brand volleyball company based here in St. Augustine, Rox Volleyball which also has their retail team brands under 1st Place Volleyball. That's an interesting segment to work in. 

  • Industrial Power Stations - This was mostly a website redesign of Atlantic Controls with basic SEO built into it whcih got them indexed in Google but without any real budget for marketing it never really took off. 

  • Internationally Recognized Local Artist - Personal branding is somewhat new to me but at least in the creative category of Artist and her work, I have an affinity for Rachel Cross' work. Her website and photo shoots have been good for getting to know some of the other local businesses as well, since we cross promote with the ones supporting her efforts.