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I offer a pricing package to fit any local Florida business, from FREE (as in no cost DIY) to full blown custom online marketing campaigns I've done for fortune 500 companies


SEO Theory is spoken and regurgitated by everyone (even me) but to get it done you have to walk over to the implementation side and get your mouse dirty.

It's true in just about any profession. A seasoned professionals will have prime examples of how they've "walked the walk". They will convincingly show prospective clients that they are worth their fees. Presenting a persuasive example is probably even more prevelant in the world of SEOs since we are inherently notorious for a little spinning wizardry. Without a history of gaining top rankings in specific industries then SEO is just a theory, something you talk about and discuss at painful length. More accurately it's an unproven theory.

So here's my walk beyond SEO Theory over to SEO successes.

Winn-Dixie Stores
Marketing Specialist & Webmaster

I doubled the visitor volume from approximately 1.5 million visitors a month to 3.2 million in my first 3 months with on-page optimization of their non-branded keywords.

I beat top competitors like Wal-mart, CVS, Walgreens and Publix for flu shot keywords in the 7 states we operated in for a seasonal pharmacy initiative.

If you are a beginner at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) then using these free audits or reports is largely a waste of time that you don't even know you don't have. Most DIY business owners quickly find out that getting the information is not the problem. Sifting through it and finding what is important is the problem. Moreso is the time it takes, such is the bain of any DIY project. The learning curve in SEO is no different. It is in fact, probably more difficult to learn than most professions because of the everchanging nature of Google and other search related technologies.

Automated SEO audits are far too common because they are easy to code and look very detailed. Everyone wants tangible reasons, a checklist of items. These "Free Keyword Analysis" or "Free SEO On-Page Audit" are the equivalent of sweeping your warehouse or vaccuming your office or organizing your desk and calling that optimizing your business for search engines. While everyone can appreciate a cleaner environment with all the missing title tags accounted for or duplicate content addressed or broken links unbroken and fixed, is sensible way to start. It is unless you don't have a lot of time to waste. 


The REAL Question should be:

What are the SEO changes that will make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time?

Meaningful SEO ....the stuff that makes your rankings shift and float up or skyrocket up. Those are the changes you want to find. Free SEO audits are a lot of smoke and mirrors that make busy work. I am not saying these free SEO reports aren't valid, they often do contain useful information that the average person is not going to know. But there's sooooo much of it that is useless when it comes to affecting your rankings in Google. In fact, it is a common industry practice to use these laundry list to show work and progress is getting done but in the end your website will still not be competitive 


Ok, so if the free SEO reports have valid information then Why NOT Use Them??? .... BECAUSE TIME IS MONEY AND TIME IS YOUR ENEMY ONLINE.

That's why I offer Hand Done Pro Keyword Analysis.

I may run several of similar scans or reports to cross reference and then analyze the information against your competitors to determine the best keywords to concentrate on as well as an overall marketing strategy that works with the website assets that you have or need to have to obtain your goals.