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I offer a pricing package to fit any local Florida business, from FREE (as in no cost DIY) to full blown custom online marketing campaigns I've done for fortune 500 companies


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Why "Local SEO" Is Vital To Your Storefront

If you have a physical location then "Local SEO" is THE MOST IMPORTANT MARKETING YOU WILL NEED TO DO.

Local Search Engine Optimization is what gets your business found on people's phones. It's the marketing work that makes your business listing appear in Google Maps. Google has changed this set of task quite a bit over the last few years. Good news is that it's easier to track progress and there's more tools to help get your business listing found first. Unlike, Google Organic search results that made them so popular to use, Google My Business (the new Google Maps) is used primarily by phone. Which means it's accessible to everyone that has a smart phone, not just a computer or internet enable device. 


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