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I offer a pricing package to fit any local Florida business, from FREE (as in no cost DIY) to full blown custom online marketing campaigns I've done for fortune 500 companies


There's a lot of information about disavowing links and some ad agencies SEOs use it to scare clients into spending their marketing dollars to combat "Negative SEO". 

Here's a very thorough overview of how disavowing should and shouldn't be used from a trusted authority, MOZ ...which is one of the keys to knowing how to use disavow properly, trust. 

Silver Circle Media is a joint venture with my creative partner extrodinare, Carly Sage. Silver Circle has been her art gallery brand for over ten years. We have combined our skills to form a media company to extend her ability to make connections with people and facilitate realtionships to grow and prosper. 

Obviously there's a lot that goes into building a boutique ad agency like Silver Circle Media, from the core branding concepts of "Why" to the execution of building the functions that pull it all together. 

This is one of the projects that will be a great case study as well as a lot of fun to nourish. 

Stay Tuned.

Leaf & Bean is a new project that involves a lot of components. I'll be focusing on mostly the Shopfiy store that's I built to sell their organic teas. This is a good case study because it will encompass everythig I know about online marketing and how to get a website ranked in Google using a non-branded network and a whole basic SEO work.

Stay Tuned

Cafe 11 is a good example of restaurant, catering and concert event marketing. Our history goes back 15 or more years but the 4 years there in St. Augustine were some of the best. SEO wise the Cafe still holds Google Page One rankings for "St Augustine Catering" and is often #1. 

This was also a website development project that has proven to be an effective framework for restaurant marketing. More about that later.

Stay Tuned.