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Jacksonville, Florida 

At Winn-Dixie I was the webmaster responsible for the customer facing website and all SEO marketing. I coordinated with all the marketing departments to update and maintain their ongoing promotions. As an SEO implementation I shifted their branded keyword sets to include non-branded industry segments such as pharmacy and deli structured searches that led to doubling the visitor volume in 3 months (1.1 million pageviews to 2.5 million pageviews per month).

Winn Dixie 1st Competitive Report   2018 10 28 16 10 43


Later in the year we out ranked pharmacy competitors such as Publix, CVS, Wal-Mart, Wal-Greens etc....for current flu shot promotions in each of the seven demographic regions Winn-Dixie operated in. Not shown in the first report above. 

More keyword successes were centered around first page results for "holiday meals..." and other seasonal promotions.

Gift card keywords for the electronic marketing department also saw first page successes for AMEX music promotions as well as seasonal "holiday gift cards..." and consistently for "grocery gift cards..."

I was also responsible for implementing a modern day dynamic database drive website to Winn-Dixie. IT Security wouldn't allow a database, cookies or anything that was standard for websites at that time. I changed that by circumventing IT Security (with my director's permission) and launched a rouge Joomla version hosted on a dedicated GoDaddy server. There's a lot more to this story but it was a big deal at the time and we got in a little bit of trouble but Winn-Dixie kept my website for several years until they developed a more secure IBM Websphere version. 

This is the old classic ASP website before I converted it to a PHP Joomla platform. I actually implemented the Mayo Clinic promotional feed into the new website, which worked beautifully.


1024 Website   Comps   Homepage with Mayo Clinic