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Sonny's BBQ was one of my accounts when I worked as an SEO Specialist for .Com Marketing Internet Ad Agency. They were hands down my favorite account. In most cases I pushed my account exec to schedule the monthly review with clients to be done either in the office or remotely online because it took less time and trouble. But I loved going to the Sonny's meetings. Monique, Marketing Director at the time and Tina were great marketing professionals to work with. At one time I ended up taking my 16 year old son to one of our Sonny's meetings at their Maitland restaurant. Good story for another time. 

Monique was my first corporate level customer that had her own set of performance measuring that she used to report back to the VP and President with. That was a challenge since some of those metrics didn't fit well with SEO performance. More about that in another article.

One of the challenges in their industry niche is that BBQ is spelled sooooo many different ways. So I had to optimize for BarBQue, BarBeQue, Barbecue and so on. Which obviously increases the targeted keyword sets expotentially and also adds a regional influence on which keywords to target in certain states. Fun stuff